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Get Featured on 4idols.comGet Featured on 4idols.com

4idols.com will gladly feature any established or an upcoming idol? Are you an established or upcoming model, singer, actor, comedian, etc., that wants exposure to thousands of visitors daily? Then apply to be a featured 4idols star! We would love to help you get known. Please read the following. After you submitted the require info, we will contact you for interview either by email, AIM, phone, or in person(if you're in one of the area located near any of our 4idols Team members.).

All featured stars will get:
- your own feature page
- your own picture gallery
- referral from us to various agency
- exposure to thousands of people daily, which will land you more jobs or sales
- and more!

For people who wants be known in the music industry:
You must have a demo. Demos, lyrics, and pictures may be sent in digital format. Demos are generally between 2-4 songs. A "clip" or "part" of a song does not count as a demo. Send us your very best work or link us to a site that has them. Please try to compress the file to be as small as possible.

For people who wants more exposure in modeling:
No experience necessary. You will need to send us at least 5 pictures of yourself. The more the better. Try not to send any group shots because this is about you and you only! Please read requirement below.

Modeling Submission Requirements:
One of the picture must include you using one of our 4idols products. The reason for this is that we get a lot of people who submit their pictures just for fun. With this requirement, we can spend more time with people who are truly serious about pursuing a career in modeling. Please include information on past experiences, achievements, and information that might be useful in our decision to feature you.

Absolutely nothing! FREE! We're here to help, unlike other companies who rip you off with a "processing fee". All we ask for in return is a link back from your site, give us shout outs in your songs, or purchase one of our products.

Submit your work online or by regular mail:
Don't have a digital copy of your work? No Scanner? No Problem! We also accept submissions via Snail Mail! Items are nonreturnable and will become property of 4idols.com. Please send all items with contact information to:

Attn: Ben Li
369 Broome St. #17
New York, NY 10013-4220

Please email us with 4idols Rising Star in the email subject, and be sure to include the following info:
- Full Name
- Age and Bio
- Location (state/country)
- Any pictures or media files that will help us determine if you qualify. Remember to read the requirements above or we will reject your submission. We will only feature those who qualify and/or has potential.

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