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Join the 4idols TeamJoin the 4idols Team

Current Paying Positions Available:

Advertising Sales Associate
Please click here for more information on this job.

Non Paying Internships:
If you can do any of the following:

No other paying position is available at this current time. Looking for other jobs? Check out FreeLanceCenter.com and make money doing what you're good at!

Content Provider
- Someone who can gather information such as Bio, news, stats, and pictures on celebrities.

- Someone who can write articles on idols related topics such as lifestyle, entertainment, trends, reviews, etc. Your submission must be created by YOU. No plagiarism. We reserves the right to determine which submissions are published, etc.

Graphic Artist
- Someone who can create banners, graphics, and/or wallpapers.

- Someone who can submit our site to award sites.

If you think you can help us out in any other way, feel free to join! We don't expect you to work like 10 hours a day for us (although we don't mind if you do), just whatever spare time you can. If all you got is like a hour a month, then that would not be helpful.

What are the benefits?
We can give you some free goodies every now and then. Once in a while you can meet models and stars! Basically it's a great way to gain experiences, and know that you're part of the team that help created a popular idols destination, which is part of the MadCool network! Nice to put on your resume! :)

OK I'm interested how do I join?
Please email us with the following information. Full Name, Age, Location (State/Country), AIM: Screename, and why you want to join our team. Please put 4idols Team in the email subject. We will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

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