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Denise Richards Bio Pictures4idols Denise Richards

Denise RichardsName: Denise Richards
Birth Name: Denise Lee Richards
Height: 5' 8''
Nationality: American
Birth Date: February 17 1972
Birth Place: Downer's Grove Illinois Education: El Camino High School in Oceanside California (graduated in 1989)
Relationship: Patrick Muldoon (actor; dating since 1998)
Father: Irv Richards (former telephone-company employee)
Mother: Joni Richards
Claim to fame: Wild Things
Denise Richards fun facts:
Denise Richards' first kiss was behind a bush at school when she was 12
Denise Richards' first role on TV was on the drama Life Goes On
She modeled in Tokyo, Paris and New York
Denise Richards was nominated Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actress - Action in 2000 for The World Is Not Enough and MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss in 1999 for Wild Things.

Richards was born in Downers Grove, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, to a Welsh father and a Croatian mother. She later moved to California, and graduated from El Camino High School in Oceanside, California.

Not just another model-turned-actor, Denise Richards has done very well in Hollywood, with many roles to her credit. It was her star turn in 1998's Wild Things, though, that generated the most press, and certainly the most Internet interest in her career.

The actor is refreshingly philosophical about her claim to fame, and wonders aloud how a mere kiss (actually a bit more than “mere,” and titillating for its menage-a-trois distinction) could precipitate such attention. There’s more to Richards than that kiss.

The strikingly pretty 15-year-old up-and-comer moved with her family from their Illinois home to New York, where her modeling career took off. Photographed there and in Tokyo and Paris for magazines and commercials, Richards was a success.

Her next home (and career) was in Los Angeles, where she was cast in television’s Life Goes On (1989), and also where, the next year, she met Melrose Place’s Patrick Muldoon, with whom she now has lived for ten years.

In 1991, Richards appeared in TV’s Saved By The Bell and Married With Children. She went on to roles in the TV movies Eerie, Indiana (1992) and Bodies of Evidence (1993), and the series Against the Grain (1993), as well as appearances in Seinfeld (The Shoes episode - 1993) and Lois and Clark (1994). Richard’s film debut came with National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon (1993), and she took on Tammy and the T-Rex and Lookin’ Italian in 1994. More TV followed -- 919 Fifth Avenue (1995), PCH (1995), Weird Science (1996), and In The Blink Of An Eye (1996).

The next year was big -- big roles in big pictures. Richards starred with Muldoon in Starship Troopers (1997), then went on to that famous kiss (and celebrated nudity ) in Wild Things (1998).

She is most famous for her appearance as Bond Girl Christmas Jones in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough (1999), as well as her appearances in films such as Starship Troopers (1997), Wild Things (1998), Valentine (2001) and Scary Movie 3 (2003). In addition to her film work, Richards has made regular appearances in the situation comedy Spin City. In 1993 (at the age of 21) she played a 15-year-old girl who distracts George Costanza with her cleavage in an episode of Seinfeld. In December 2004, she posed in a nude pictorial for Playboy magazine. Richards has been named as the Sexiest Mom of 2005 by In Touch magazine.

Richards married actor Charlie Sheen in 2002, but filed for divorce in March of 2005. They reportedly reconciled and were seeking marriage counseling to mend their relationship. On January 4th 2006, the couple once again filed for divorce. The couple have two daughters: Sam J, who was born on March 9, 2004, and Lola Rose, who was born on June 1, 2005.

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