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4idols.com: Since November 2001 4idols Sponsor

Advertise with 4idols.comAdvertise with 4idols.com

Why advertise with 4idols?

- Great Branding Opportunity: 4idols.com gets thousands of visitors and page views daily. Imagine having your ad seen over a MILLION times a month. You know they are going to remember your product/service.

- Content Quality Control: All content on 4idols.com are under a strict quality control, unlike other websites which allow users to post or upload content freely. If compared to a movie rating, our site content is kept at a rating of PG13 and under. Our popular forum requires its members to follow our forum guideline.

- Targeted Audience: You will be targeting a popular Entertainment destination with 80% of the visitors are from the United States. Our main audience is Teens and Young Adults.

- Fast, Easy, and Secure! Just make payment and submit your info. The ad will be up and running within 24 - 48 business hours.

- Increase in Search Engines Ranking! Our site gets "spidered" by search engines such as Google bi-weekly. It will search through all our links, and will spider your site as well! Your site will be added to their database, and get a higher page rank since we've linked to you!

- Cost Effective! Our rates are highly affordable, and at a fixed rate to prevent click fraud.

You can be a featured sponsor on various section of 4idols.com or the entire site. Great branding opportunity! You can order multiple months to lock in the current rate!
4idols 1 Page Sponsorship Monthly "Sponsor by" your banner, logo, or text link on the main page or any other page of the site Ad Example
4idols Forum Category Sponsorship Monthly Your 88x31 banner or bold text link will be displayed on the main forum page under the category of your choice. Ad Example
4idols Forum-Wide Sponsorship Monthly "Sponsor by <your text link>" under the logo on every forum page with a special annoucement. There will only be one sponsor at a time. Ad Example + Annoucement Example
4idols 1 Month Site-Wide Top Sponsorship
Your ad will appear on the top of every page of the site (excluding forum). There will only be one main sponsor on the top at a time! Ad Example
4idols Site-Wide Side Sponsorship varies Your text ad and description will appear on the side menu of every page on the site (excluding forum). 5 Sponsors Max. Ad Example
4idols Forum-Wide Bottom Sponsorship varies Your text ad and description will appear on the bottom of every page in the forum. 5 Sponsors Max. Ad Example

Advertising opportunities are not limited to the above options. We can work with you to customize an ad campaign to your liking. 4idols.com will go the distance to make certain that you are delighted with the results.

If you are interested in advertising on 4idols.com, feel free to contact us with any advertising inquires at this email address: email Please put 4idols.com Advertising Inquiry as your email subject. Please tell us about your company/website, and an estimate advertising budget in your email. We will cater to any budget both big and small.

RON Advertising:
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