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4idolsAbout 4idols.com

4idols.com (foridols.com, 4idol.com) is a popular online destination for idols, celebrities content(bio, interviews, pictures), event coverage, cool products, and much more. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with one another from around the world through our friendly forum. 4idols.com also help promote upcoming stars by giving them exposure to the millions of people on the Internet. 4idols.com gets thousands of visitors and page views daily.

4idols.com, headquartered in Soho, New York, was founded by Ben Li to be a division of the hugely popular MadCool Network. The site was launch on November 16, 2001. 4idols.com began in MadCool Entertainment Center as a section call SexyCool. It's grew very popular and we decided to give the SexyCool section its own site!

Although there are many celebrities websites online, 4idols.com stands out from the rest with it's user friendly site layout, and strict content control. We try our best to give visitors the most up to date information on their favorite idols.

Through various partnerships, 4idols.com continues to grow bigger and better with each passing day. Of course, none of this would be here today without the people on the 4idols team, sponsors, and the support from loyal visitors!

4idols.com's press releases can be found at MadCool Network

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